Internet News - In Brief


- DRC’s local IXP now has three peers and an internet association, ISPA-DRC has just been established.

- Kenya’s IXP continues to grow with another peer due to join in the nextr few weeks, bringing total membership to 12.

- According to an insider, the closure of the Cape Town IXP has come about for two reasons: firstly, a large ISP which has recently tightened up its peering policy and is not keen on peering with much smaller ISPs, at least without charging for it. Secondly a small ISP who doesn’t have money (or want) to pay large ISPs for peering, or which is connected to the Internet via a large ISP with sufficient peering arrangements already in place (private, via JINX or a combination of the two):"It is my opinion that until we have cheap broadband service available in South Africa, there won’t be sufficient traffic moving around in Cape Town to justify a local exchange. Even then, the politics of the industry lead me to believe that private inter-CT connections are more likely than an industry exchange" .