Echoteq, a subsidiary of Ovations Technologies, last year launched ActionAIDS - a solution with a clean, factual look and feel - aimed specifically at creating more awareness of HIV/AIDS among PC-based employees.

The company has now signed a deal with a reseller partner Managed Health Care Business (MHCB), which will sell, implement and support ActionAIDS as well as provide consulting and business process engineering services.

Conceptualised and spearheaded by Gerhard Smit, MHCB is made up of IT and medical professionals whose expertise lies in the field of health informatics. "Our core focus revolves around service delivery in terms of system development, business process re-engineering, implementing, training and post-implementation support," explains Smit.

MHCB supplies and supports a range of products to the medical market, including software packages to clinics, doctors and hospitals and also to the corporate environment, to which it supplies occupational health products as well. "I believe that being able to now also offer ActionAIDS as part of our range, we are increasing the value add to our customer base," Smit adds.

"Partnering with MHCB will enable us to extend the reach of ActionAIDS considerably," says Echoteq CEO Yoram Percale. "MHCB plays in a niche area and has representation in the United States as well as in Europe. I believe ActionAIDS is a natural extension to MHCB’s existing offering and the company has the infrastructure to support the product and the customer base."

Statistics released by ABT Associates, the South African Society of Actuaries and Harvard Centre for International Health reveal that 4 percent of South Africa’s skilled workforce is) HIV+. "Most of these people, however, believe that they are at a very low risk of contracting the virus and are therefore not interested in learning more about its prevention, treatment, impact and workplace ethics," says Percale.

"ActionAIDS was created in consultation with experts in the medical and educational fields. It is a non-invasive Q&A-type programme that, once implemented by a company, educates employees on various HIV/AIDS issues - at their desks via their PCs at times that suit them, through short, meaningful interactions with minimal impact on productivity. The program has been designed to create awareness and empower people to protect themselves against HIV/AIDS," he concludes.