Disturbed by the negative impact of the increasing wave of cyber crime on the image of the country, the Nigerian Government says it will put legislation in place to deter the culprits. Gabriel Ajayi, Director-General of the Nigeria Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) who disclosed this, said the government is drawing up a comprehensive plan that would make cyber crime on the internet unattractive to the perpetrators.

Part of the offensive, he said, is the review of the current IT legislation. He disclosed that his agency has already forwarded a bill to the National Assembly. The bill, when passed, is expected to make adequate provisions for dealing with internet-based Advance Fee Fraud, otherwise known as 419.

Ajayi stressed the need for constant review of IT laws to match the dynamics of the industry. The menace of cyber-crime has resulted in some internet hosts abroad threatening to cut off some Nigerian ISPs from their networks.