The decree approved at the last Council of Ministers covering Djibouti Telecom’s new pricing tariff was based upon proposals from the « Colloque sur la Communication et le Développement National ». Their proposals were gathered together in a document with many different annexes. It argued:"The tariff for telecoms services in Djibouti are generally high compared with actual tariffs in the region and by comparison with local customers who are allowed to make their own arrangements. Therefore in our proposals for a new tariff for the company, the members of this working group have indicated that they have taken account of the need to ensure Djibouti Telecom has the revenues needed to allow it to modernise and extend its infrastructure."

In the tables of price comparisons between the current tariff and the proposed (in several charging areas) the differences were clearly established. The report includes projects the impact of prices on demand and revenues and the benefits. Therefore the new tariffs are based upon these detailed studies by the working group. It also contains price comparisons with other operators in the region and other parts of the world where the markets have been liberalised.