According to The Monitor, President Yoweri Museveni has warned that the Internet could promote moral decadence if not properly used."Don’t sacrifice Africa to moral decadence, choose only the useful information," the president said on Monday in a speech read for him by the minister of Education Dr. Kidhu Makubuya at International Conference Center in Kampala.

The minister was opening a regional workshop aimed at building consensus on starting a regional centre for graduate studies and a master’s degree programme in Computer Science.The president said Africa needs to join the information age. President Museveni is concerned that the gap between the information haves and have-nots is widening.

He said the era of relying on natural resources for development has been over taken by information technology."Information is a pre-eminent resource," the president said. "look at countries like Japan they don’t have natural resource but they are now some of the most developed economies in the world, he added."

* A war in Iraq would pose a "huge risk" to Telkom listing plans, public enterprises director-general Sivi Gounden says.While he was confident the listing on the Johannesburg and New York stock exchanges would take place as planned on March 4, Gounden said in an address to the Cape Town Press Club that a Middle East war did pose a risk.

"We have been able to manage all the risks within our control, but ultimately the success of the Telkom listing is very much dependent on one single factor which none of us can control and that is the kind of decisions that are taken in the United Nations and by the US.We are crossing our fingers on that one. When we worked our timing out we did not pencil in the possibility of a war. It poses a huge risk in the current environment, and we are not downplaying that."

* Already, municipal authorities have stopped more than 30 mobile phone operators, who were doing business in improper premises, such as verandas, or from illegally erected kiosks, according to Mayor Wilson Tuwine of Uganda’s Mbarara Municipal Council. "These people should look for proper operating premises rather than operating on verandas which brings a lot of dirt on the streets and yet they do not contribute anything in terms of revenue. My intention is not to cripple their businesses but rather to make sure they conduct their business in an organised way," Tumwine said.