Digital Content

US-based content company AllAfrica Global Media has launched a new project. The iNetworking Project is attacking that problem through an Internet operating system designed to facilitate effectiveness and accountability in four key sectors: education, health, governance and enterprise development.

According to AllAfrica, by providing a core technology platform along with a toolkit for computer engineers to use as a template for information and communications projects that are finely tuned to both local and national needs this initiative puts the power of the Internet into the hands of the people who use it.

Already, the iNetworking Project is working with Namibian partners to develop systems that effectively utilize linkages among schools, businesses, clinics and local government structures; with a panAfrican network of peace groups on a conflict prevention and resolution initiative; with the UN Economic Commission for Africa on strategies for effective, democratic governance; and with African development groups on a digital commons to facilitate progress towards environmental protection and poverty reduction (