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A Nigerian college is using material from the Rhodes University website in South Africa to promote itself. The so-called Sefcody’s International College of Nigeria has even used campus pictures of Rhodes University in Grahamstown, claiming them as its own.

Superimposed over the beautiful face of the clock tower at the Rhodes administration building are the words "Sefcody’s College". The Victoria Island suburb of Lagos in which the college claims to be based bears a remarkable resemblance to Grahamstown.

Beneath all the Grahamstown and East London-based pictures is a map of Lagos and a picture of the woman they claim is the Sefcody’s registrar - a Dr Mrs Philomena Okika PhD.While she bears no resemblance to Rhodes vice-chancellor Dr David Woods, her website message is identical.

The sting in the tail is that if you want to teach at this glorious, upmarket institution based in an "idyllic setting" with its cathedral-like chapel, it will cost you $350 (about R3 150) for a "processing fee", naturally. Rhodes University spokesperson Linda Burton said the university was aware of the website and was taking "appropriate action".

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