Telecoms News - In Brief


- Telecel Zambia says the next batch of its mango juice top-up cards will not be dollar denominated but quoted in units. Telecel commercial director Brad Magrath disclosed last week that new unit denominations, to be priced in kwacha, would be introduced once the old stock of dollar units was completely sold out. Magrath said "We acknowledge that our response time to the recent kwacha appreciation did not meet our customers’ expectations," he said. "We will in the very near future be moving our juice cards away from dollar pricing. The next batch will not be dollar denominated."

- The Government of Mozambique has approved a new telecommunications bill that will open the way for greater competition in the sector.

- Recent duopoly competition in the Tunisian GSM market will propel the market to new highs and increase its size by nine folds by 2006. A new comprehensive research report from Arab Advisors Group fully analyses the Tunisian Communications Market.