With over 1500 call centres already based in South Africa and hopes that the call centre industry can employ up to 50,000 in the years ahead, STWS, the low-cost voice and data service provider for the African market, is playing a central role in positioning South Africa as a leading location for the call-centre industry.

Tim Parsonson, director of STWS, commented:"South Africa has always had the right combination of low overheads, service-oriented staff and a technology infrastructure to position itself as a potential player in the call centre industry. With the recent arrival of deregulation and low-cost international communication services, the country is now able to seriously rival the established locations around the world for a slice of the international call-centre market that’s predicted to be worth $17 billion by 2008."

A key component of STWS’s service offer is the provision of low-cost toll free numbers in up to 51 countries. One company to take advantage of STWS’s international services is AquaOnline, a leading call centre for the online casino industry. Servicing some of the world’s leading online casinos, AquaOnline has to be able to deliver world-class day-to-day care for a highly demanding client customer-base 24 hours a day 7 days a week globally.

Howard Feinberg of AquaOnline, commented:"With the online gambling industry on track to be worth $14.6 billion by 2006, the online casino industry is one of the fastest growth sectors around. However, the market is highly competitive and effective CRM strategies are key to a casino’s success. Through STWS’ International Toll Free Service, AquaOnline has been able to successfully establish customer contact points in a range of overseas markets for our clients. This is an important issue for customers of online casinos who want to be assured that the site they use is genuinely easy to contact and not just hidden in the unknown depths of the internet."Currently AquaOnline handles over 3000 customer enquiries a month from 12 countries via STWS’s voice and data network.