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I have been reading your news often and it is very interesting how the same things go around the African countries. I can guarantee the Zambian ISPs that once one of them gathers the courage to start the association it will be done because it is always the case when each one has the mind and plan to do it but no one starts anything.

When I arrived in Ghana after being abroad for a while and realized that my company, Tin-Ifa, being an ISP and having had problems from introducing VOIP, we needed to have the ISPs together. After which I was convinced that we had the same problems so we could stand together.  Without this, the incumbent and their policies will never favour our world.

They need to be united and have one voice, i can suggest a name for them:

" ZAMIPSA (Zambia internet service providers association)"

Hey what do you think? All they need is a place to meet and minds to think which i believe they have lots of.

Nanayaa Owusu-Prempeh