Digital Content

M-Web is launching a new micro-billing service that will allow subscribers to add the cost of their online purchases to their monthly M-Web bill, so paying only one account monthly. M-Web says the service is a first for a South African Internet service provider and is intended to make Internet use and online shopping more convenient for consumers.

The new service, Add-to-your-Account (A-2-A), was piloted when M-Web offered members an opportunity to subscribe to magazines and pay for them via their M-Web accounts. M-Web says over 10 000 subscriptions were sold in this way, demonstrating the value of one billing relationship.

A-2-A is being launched on the M-Web mobile hub this month, enabling members to purchase credits for personalised SMS messages such as daily weather reports and weekly movie updates. Once the service is established, it will be extended to include other micro-services.

Derek Hershaw, GM, M-Web Connect, says the Internet has evolved from a pure information and communication resource to a valuable tool for managing daily affairs. "A-2-A will make online buying easy for people who increasingly rely on the Internet, but don’t want to be constantly inputting their payment details for micro services."

Micro-services include personalised SMSs, fax-to-e-mail/e-mail-to-fax and specific information requests. A-2-A is ideally suited to services such as digital downloads and buying SMS credits where the transaction value for any one purchase is relatively small.

"There are a number of methods for paying online and this provides an alternative to existing Internet payment options. We have an established and trusted billing relationship with our members and therefore it makes sense for us to enable them to add the cost of certain services to the bills we send them." says Hershaw.