Rwanda’s National Fibre to Connect Seacom to Burundi, DRC


Seacom, the company that owns the undersea cable that links the East Africa coast to the rest of the world via the Red Sea will use Rwanda's national fibre-optic backbone to connect high speed affordable bandwidth to Burundi and the DRC.

This was part of the agreement signed between the company and government owned Internet Service Provider (ISP) New Artel. The two parties signed a one year 620 Mbs connection agreement with a possibility of extending it. SEACOM's capacity is 1.28 Tbps of bandwidth.

Without divulging into details, the CEO of New Artel, Francis Karemera confirmed that there is an arrangement of using the national ICT infrastructure with neighbouring countries. "They will use our national backbone to extend their connectivity to Burundi and DRC," he explained.

The national fibre optic backbone with over 2,300kms of cables is an extension of the ongoing Kigali Metropolitan Network that aims to connect 97 government agencies in Kigali and 226 government agencies in districts. It will link 36 main nodes in both Kigali City and in all the 30 districts.

The New Times