South Africa: iBurst giving away 40 Terabytes of free data


iBurst is giving all of its customers free data allowance in October, and doubles the allowance for email billing subscribers

iBurst recently rolled out its Business and Operations Support Systems, named iBoss, a system which the company hopes will enhance its customer relationship management, product ordering, billing processes and financial management functions. iBurst encountered a number of glitches as the new system went live in August which impacted on the quality of service experienced by the company's subscribers.

Says Jannie van Zyl, CEO at iBurst: "We have certainly had a rough few weeks with the launch of our new iBoss system. We'd like to thank customers that were affected by the glitches for helping to us work out all the kinks in the system and for sticking with us during the rollout.”

iBurst has decided to give all its subscribers an extra 250MB of bandwidth for the month of October to ‘thank them for their loyalty throughout this time’. This is in addition to data usage which was typically written off when billing glitches hit.

iBurst is also giving away an extra 250MB of data to customers that register to receive their bills electronically during October. According to iBurst around 80% of all subscribers opt to receive their billing electronically. This promotion means that iBurst will give away around 40 Terabytes of data in October.