Internet News - In Brief


- South African fixed line and WiMAX operator Neotel has announced that it plans to launch a range of WiMAX services aimed at the corporate and high-end consumer markets, reports The telco’s head of product management, Rajeev Sinha, revealed that the company is actively expanding its WiMAX network of 70 base stations in Gauteng, Cape Town and Durban. Sinha said: ‘Neotel will soon be reaching the 150 base stations mark.’ He also confirmed that the firm would be introducing an uncapped WiMAX service with peak download speeds of 2Mbps aimed at large and medium enterprises (LME). Sinha added: ‘Neotel is still looking at the pricing for this segment, however Neotel is confident it has an attractive price for the LME segment which will lower their costs.’

- Uganda Telecom Limited (UTL) has agreed a deal to access the Seacom fibre-optic cable, as part of its ongoing quest to provide faster Internet services. UTL officials say the new arrangement will allow it to offer its customers higher Internet bandwidth at no extra cost. Existing UTL clients are to be shifted to the new broadband platform in the coming weeks. Reza says that existing customers will have their Internet bandwidth doubled from 64kbps to 128kbps automatically.

- According to Technology Times, Nitel and Suburban may soon close a deal that will allow the latter to sell SAT3 capacity to Nitel’s customers.

- UUNET Kenya is the latest ISP after AccessKenya to officially offer its clients connectivity to the undersea cable at a relatively lower rate by doubling of the internet capacity it provides to them. "We have given our customers double capacity at the current price. However, we shall in future review our pricing once Teams and EASSy come on board," says Tom Omariba, the managing director of UUNET Kenya.