NCC CEO Ndukwe Advocates "Fibre Without Borders" for Africa


Telecom engineer and current Chief Executive Officer of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), Engr. Ernest Ndukwe, has advocated the concept of "Fibre Without Borders (FWB) as panacea for achieving possible African telecom revolution in terms of seamless telecommunications connectivity, quick, and affordable broadband access to the citizenry.

Engr. Ndukwe who put forward this idea during a special press conference at the National Telecom Development series in Lagos last weekend said the idea of an optics fibre networks criss-crossing the African continent without constraints of geography and politics, is the type of initiative that would benefit the continent, immeasurably. "In talking about removing barriers created by geography and politics, I will also advocate encouraging cross border optic fibre links as platform for the next move in Africa and encourage what I call "Fibre without Borders," he said.

The conference was presided over by the former President of Sierra Leone, Ahmad Tejan Kabbah who also said that telecommunications has been a natural unifier and a platform on which countries and providers of equipment and services must collaborate for purposes of complementarities across borders and even within borders among operating parties.

Engr. Ndukwe said he always had this dream of having an African continent that has optic fibre highways crisscrossing all over the continent and even extend beyond the telecom area to power generation and other areas in order to enable Africa come together and help each other.

He also called for a change of focus for the African Telecommunications Union (ATU) which he said is currently not doing much to achieve the objectives of African connectivity.

According to him, Africa has achieved a lot in the area as the continent is no longer a laggard as far as ICT is concerned as many nations have liberalized and African companies becoming global operators. He said that Africa is actually giving back something to the world including the concept of 'One Network' where a subscriber can visit another country without roaming but maintaining service on the same network.

Daily Trust