Internet News - In Brief


- Internet firm UUNET Kenya has completed its internal migration from satellite powered data solutions to the Seacom undersea cable. It has also doubled the bandwidth capacity of all its customers. According to Managing director Tom Omariba "we have given our customers double capacity at the current price. However, we will review our pricing once Teams and Eassy cables come on board”.

- South African state-owned telecommunications operator Broadband Infraco is said to be on the verge of being awarded the licenses it needs to begin operating. Reports indicate that it is still facing objections from Internet service providers concerned that the company will stray from its commitment to only provide wholesale telecommunications services and compete in the retail sector as well.

- Of 6,000 computer users surveyed by Algerian firms Med&Com and Ideatic, more than 90% confessed to "not being able to get by without going online 'at least once a day'". Most users reported spending two hours on average in front of their monitors.

The study, which polled "internauts" on ADSL, mobile internet, online advertising and e-commerce, estimates that 4.5 million people (12.8% of the Algerian population) use the internet.