Internet News - In Brief


- After years of haggling with the SABC and etv to get their satirical puppet show ZNews aired, cartoonist Zapiro and producer Thierry Cassuto have ditched traditional networks in favour of the web. This week Zapiro - real name Jonathan Shapiro - and Cassuto will launch ZA News which will be shown via the web and be available for download on cellphones.

- The power of forests to deliver climate change solutions was displayed in a new virtual tour of Madagascar launched today by Google Earth in partnership with Conservation International (CI). Mixing satellite images with photos and videos, the tour shows initiatives to protect tropical forests and calls on citizens and governments to support these types of projects at the UN climate change talks in Copenhagen in December. (

- M-net has launched the African film Library, the largest electronic collection of African films ever. The platform was launched at the end of last week. At this moment without signing up you can watch trailers of some of the greatest African films from different decades by some of the most respected pan African film makers.

- The extraordinary meeting of permanent Arab e-information commission opened at the Arab League building to consider the creation of an Arab website with a view to making Arab issues known to international public opinion. The technical department head at the Arab Information Ministers Council, Yasser Abdelmounaim, underlined that the meeting "comes as part of a previous decision taken by the council, which assigned the commission to carry out a study on the creation of the Arab website.