Uganda’s Judiciary Gets New Website

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The Chief Justice, Benjamin Odoki, on Tuesday launched the Judiciary website during a function at Grand Imperial Hotel in Kampala. He said the website would enable the judiciary challenge corruption through providing access to judicial information as one of its major functions. He said it was a major step in the use of information and communications technology to improve justice delivery.

Odoki said the website also had the potential to assist the judiciary to communicate better with the outside world and to serve the nation more efficiently and effectively.

Justices David Kutosi Wangutusi, the head of the Judicial Studies Institute (JSI) and Edmund Ssempa Lugayizi, both of the High Court, were among the many judicial officers including the Chief Registrar, Flavia Anglin and many Government officers that attended the occasion.

Dr Fredrick Kitoogo, the Judiciary's principal information technology officer, demonstrated to the audience how the information would be accessed on the Website by the potential users and other stakeholders before the chief law lord launched it.

He said the website would be available to researchers, policy-makers and implementers. It would also help demystify the Judiciary and thus build public trust and enhance access to the court of judicature "It will also serve as an interactive electronic library where information documentation, reports and pamphlets will be uploaded and made available to whoever needs them in an effective and efficient manner," Odoki told his guest.

Justice Wangutusi, who is also the chairman of the technology committee, told the guests that the launch of the website is a big stride in creating a road map for ICT implementation in the Judiciary. He said that in line with the national ICT policy framework, the Judiciary developed an ICT policy in 2008 to guide the usage of ICT in the Judiciary. They are in the process of updating the ICT strategy for 2009-2013.

The website project was the fruits of the Judiciary's partnership with DANIDA, who rendered financial support to his team of experts in the ICT section.

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