Tanzania First to Lower Internet Rates


Tanzania Telecommunication Company Ltd customers will from this month enjoy a 50 per cent cut in Internet charges, making Tanzania the first East African country to lower Internet charges. TTCL chief executive officer Said Amour Said, told The EastAfrican that the lowering of charges follows the firm's connecting to the Seacom submarine fibre optic cable.

"TTCL has reduced its Internet prices effective from October 1, in order to pass on this cost saving benefit to the end users, and the high customer expectations of reduced costs on Internet services have finally been met," he said.

The new prices will see high volume Internet users including banks, large businesses and corporations, government agencies and other institutions enjoying a substantial Internet bandwidth cost reduction as customers will get the same capacity of bandwidth at a third the current prices.

Under the new structure, a client who buys 1Mbps of Internet capacity for Tsh9.2 million ($7,000) will now buy the same capacity for just Tsh3.14 million ($2,415).

For small and medium businesses like cyber cafes, the price has been slashed by 50 per cent.

According to Mr Said, customers who were buying 5GB for $200 (Tsh200,000) will now buy 10GB for the same amount of money, and that all Internet subscribers in this category would continue to get high speed of up to 4Mbps through their TTCL fixed lines.

According to the new tariff, non-commercial ordinary clients will enjoy a new package with unlimited use for a monthly price of Tsh45,000 ($ 43) with a speed of up to 256Kbps.

"It is an ideal service mostly for the common man because it is affordable and guarantees continuous usage," explained Said.

The East African