Social Networking attracts South Africans

Digital Content

Over the last few years social networking has made a significant impact on the online landscape. Platforms such as MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have altered the way in which people across the globe communicate and relate to each other.

Recent statistics show that South Africa is making a fair contribution towards the growth of these web portals, ranking strongly in terms of usage per country.

A report filed by Canadian research company Sysmos has indicated that South African users make up approximately 0.85% of the total interaction on the popular micro blogging site Twitter. This ranks local Twitter users as the eighth largest sample population globally, accounting for roughly 467,500 of the website’s approximated 55 million monthly user base.

As a country South Africa has more Twitter users than Japan, China, Spain and the Netherlands. The largest user is the US, which accounts for 62.15% of Twitter’s active membership.

Facebook, which currently has 300 million active users, is now the largest social networking platform on the Internet. Approximately 1.9 million of these are local users; placing South Africa in the 25th position globally with regards to Facebook usage. This number has grown by over 100% since January 2009, making South Africa one of the fastest growing territories on the list.

In terms of Facebook and Twitter usage South Africa is the most prominent African country by a large margin. The trend however does not extend to other popular social networking websites such as MySpace and YouTube. According to web measurement engine Alexa, South Africa does not feature in either the top twenty most prominent countries for MySpace or the top forty most prominent countries for YouTube.