Mobile Money and payment Perception Survey in Nigeria ( 2009)

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Nigeria with 5 Mobile Operators and 7 CDMA operators with total subscription of 62 Million under an addressable market of 140 Million people is the largest market for Mobile telephony in Africa.

Despite the successes recorded in the financial sector in recent years and spread of 25 mega Banks with over 9,500 Bank Branches and 11,000 ATM points, Financial Inclusion is still limited and not widely available for Millions that are still left behind. As Potential Mobile Money providers across the Globe eye the Largest Mobile market in Africa for mobile payments technologies, there is a strong compelling need to provide credible and evidence based information and Data for Technology providers, Financial Institutions, Regulators, Researchers, scholars and Investors in the evolving ecosystem.

MobileMoneyAfrica, in coming weeks will conduct Perception surveys in selected states across the Federal Republic of Nigeria with a view to understand the potential drivers of Mobile Money, transactional services that will drive uptake, potential users demographics across different social and occupational groups, access, End user costing metrix and other relevant information that are needed for decision support in the industry.This is the first in the series that will take us to other parts of West Africa in the short term.

The outcomes of the survey will help Financial Institutions and Mobile payment providers to competitively position their products and services in the evolving ecosystem. Subject matter experts and researchers in the domain area are welcome on board to provide guidance and directions.