Internet News - In Brief


- Uganda’s local governments have received funding from the World Bank for projects connecting the districts to the global network via the Internet. The bank has previously given the Rural Communications Development Fund $7m (about sh13b) that was used to run the 2003/2008 Internet connectivity projects. "Under the new funding, the bank has committed $8m (about sh14.8b) for Internet connectivity of schools and health institutions. "The funding is meant to start connectivity projects and to run sustainability of information and communication technology ICT projects in local governments," the head of the Uganda Communications Commission, Patrick Masambu, said.

- Algeria will reach the figure of 1,200,000 ADSL (broadband Internet) connections by the end of 2009, Post and Technology Minister Hamid Bessalah said on Sunday. Algeria is still "far" from its goals and ambitions in terms of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), he told the Algerian radio, stressing that one of its major targets is the development of the broadband infrastructure. "We currently have about 500,000 ADSL connections, and as our goal is to reach 6 million connections, it is important to upgrade the infrastructure," he pointed out. "This year we must have at least 700,000 new ADSL connections, and wrap up the year with at least 1,200,000 connections," he added.

- South Africa’s Internet service provider, RSAWEB, has announced that, effective immediately, consumers of its broadband offerings will be privy to price cuts of up to 60 percent on select packages. These include the company’s Super, Premium and Ultra DSL packages. While offers of this sort seem to be getting lost in a barrage of similar announcements by competitive providers, Rob Gilmour, MD of RSAWEB says “Our message differs in that going forward, we will only offer price cuts that are sustainable. This means that we continue to provide consistent, reliable access to our customers.”

- GhanaBlogging allows a Glimpse into the Ghana blogosphere. It is not an aggregrator in the form of Afrigator, whereby each blog is given a space to represent itself, what Ghana blogging does is just pull in what it feels are great posts from Ghana onto its front-page each day. (

- Bonuses ranging from 20 to 35% will be paid to internet service access providers (ISP), as part of the partnership convention signed by Algerie Telecom and the Association of Internet Service Providers (AFSI), CEO of Algerie Telecom Moussa Benhamadi said Sunday in Algiers. Running a joint news conference with Chairman of AFSI after the signing of partnership convention between AT and ISP, Benhamadi underlined that this "convention helps ISP to benefit from bonuses ranging from 20 to 35%, with the possibility of revision of the convention terms according to the performances of every provider."

- The Africa Rural Connect (ARC), a new online community hosted by the National Peace Corps Association (NPCA), announced the third-round winners of its online contest to select the best ideas submitted on how to help solve rural Africa’s greatest challenges in agricultural development. The first- and second-prize winners were from Kenya, while the third prize went to a resident of the United States.