Kampala Leads in Internet Use

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Uganda's capital city Kampala leads in use of the Internet which stands at 53 per cent.

Nairobi and Arusha in Tanzania tie at 49 per cent followed by Dar-es-Salaam also in Tanzania with 31 per cent. In Nairobi, 31 per cent of the population use the internet daily, 49 per cent weekly while 20 per cent use it often.

According to TNS Research International, the use of the internet has been increasing steadily and on average, 45 per cent of the residents in major urban areas in the region have used the internet.

"We want to serve the interests of our clients. The internet usage is high and we expect this to increase rapidly in a couple of years as people access low-priced internet enabled phones," said the firm's director of research Melissa Baker.

It is with this in mind that, a study to establish internet consumer behaviour in Kenya was launched yesterday with its findings expected to greatly influence advertising and online transactions in the country.

Ms Baker said findings of the survey, to be conducted from November 9, 2009 will be useful to companies, non-governmental organisations and the government when completed. The results will be announced in the first week of January 2010.

The study will seek to establish how Kenyans use the internet in social life and engagement, purchasing and selling, advertising, government services and information and education. The undertaking will also establish areas that need improvement as noted by consumers.

There has been increased usage of internet in social interactions, advertising and transactions in the country, and the companies which have been shifting their advertising to online modes are expected to be major consumers of the findings as they seek to leverage on its usage to reach a wider audience.

The study will be online. Questions will be send to 20,000 users from which 1,000 responses are to be weighted to match user profiles.

This will then be followed by 20 in-depth interviews depending on their profiles, with the objective of understanding the information gathered earlier.

Kenya ICT Board will jointly conduct the study with TNS Research International.

Board chief executive Paul Kukubo said the findings will guide on the setting up of business in the ICT industry. "They will be profiling the internet users in terms of what they like, what they expect and what they want to achieve. We have been active in telling people to start on-line business and we want to use the output of this study to tell the business community that people are using internet and this is what they are doing and ask them to start businesses to meet their needs," said Mr Kukubo.

Players in the ICT have often said that most internet consumers are interested in social sites adding that its use as a tool for economic activities is still lagging behind.

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