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Core Purpose of the role - To develop, implement, maintain and manage the governance of the enterprise wide business disruption and recovery program and to safeguard against and/or ensure recovery from all types of business disruption risks (technical, geopolitical, industry and regulatory).

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The Graduate School of Public & Development and the LINK Centre at the University of the Witwatersrand invites applications for the January 2010 intake into its CHE-accredited Master of Management in ICT Policy and Regulation degree programme.

What is the MM(ICTPR)?

The MM(ICTPR) aims to provide a formal post-graduate academic qualification for senior staff engaged in policy formulation, policy analysis and regulation of information communications technologies (ICTs), a sector which is currently undergoing rapid change and experiencing continued expansion.

Who should attend?

This Master’s degree is designed for middle to senior level managers and practitioners working in the broad ICT sector across Africa - telecommunications industry; IT industry; broadcasting; trade unions; regulatory associations; government policy departments including communications, trade and industry, science and technology; science councils; university teaching departments; public sector ICT organisations, consumer advocates and the development sector.

How do I find out more?

The degree comprises 10 week-long course-work modules and a substantial (50%) applied research report. It can be completed over 3 years part-time or 1 year full-time. Information on courses, scheduling, fees and more can be found at

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