MACRA awards ZAIN Malawi 3G licence


MACRA has awarded a 3G licence to Zain Malawi, which is expected to enhance high-speed wireless Internet access. Zain marketing director, Enwell Kadango confirmed that discussions that started between the company and MACRA since 2006 has finally borne fruit as its licence conditions have now been changed.

“3G is the telecommunication hardware standard and general technology for the mobile networking superseding 2.5G system which will now allow speed in data processing,” said Kadango who added that Malawi is taking after most developing countries that are using this technology.

Currently Zain Malawi is about to finish its equipment installation across the country which will be compatible with the new system which offers fast downloading speeds of between 2-8mbps.

Malawi's Zain CEO Fayaz King said 3G would also allow users to watch mobile TV besides connecting to the Internet and making video calls. TNM Limited Zain's competitor in the market got the licence sometime back but it is only now that the company has been testing it.

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* MTN Nigeria cuts off transmission of FIFA U-17 matches because of unpaid bills

A major crisis has hit the ongoing FIFA U-17 World Cup when MTN cut off the fibre connection which transmits television signals from the producers to the rest of the world. This was because of debt being owed to MTN by the Local Organising Committee (LOC) for the services it had provided since the championship started. It simply means that all the countries that receive signals through MTN's optic fibre will not receive TV signals from Nigeria and Fifa sees this as a scandal.

It cannot link Nigeria to take signal of the semi-final matches and final billed for Sunday. MTN is being owed over N800m for their services since the championship started.

This is among billions of naira debt the LOC is owing in spite of the N12 billion already released to them. FIFA were making frantic efforts to see how they could get MTN to restore services.