First VoIP WiMAX company Smile launches in Kampala


Smile Telecom, the first ever VoIP telephone provider on the WiMAX platform in Africa launched its services on the Uganda market last week bringing the number of telecommunication providers to seven.

In an exclusive interview with East African Business Week, Carrington Phillip, the Country Manager of Smile Telecom revealed that this is the first VoIP WiMAX based telecom company and operates in the same way as Skype (phone communication over the internet free except when calling a mobile phone or landline).

"We chose this platform over GSMA and others because of its efficient, unique, excellent, competitive and low cost technology that translates into the lowest cost call rates ever to the customer," Phillip said. "We are targeting the bottom of the economic pyramid customers."

Smile Telecom is a South African and Saudi Arabian owned consortium with headquarters in South Africa. "We are the answer to beeping and we are not using any marketing gimmicks to woo customers," he said. Former MTN executive Irene Charnley has been closely involved with the development of the company.

East African Business Week