TTCL cuts Internet charges by 50 percent in Tanzania for high-volume users


Tanzania Telecommunication Company Limited (TTCL) last week reduced its Internet charges by 50 per cent in order to pass on the cost saving benefit to the end users after its recent connecting to the Seacom submarine fibre optic cable. The cost savings seem to be mainly aimed at high volume users

TTCL Public Relations Manager Amin Mbaga said the new price has seen high volume Internet users including small scale entrepreneurs, banks, students in the higher learning institutions and business community enjoy a substantial internet bandwidth cost reduction.

Mbaga told The Guardian on Sunday that this would enable them to get the same capacity of bandwidth at a third the initial prices. Under the new structure, TTCL clients who used to buy in wholesale 1Mbps of Internet capacity for Sh9.2 million can now buy the same capacity at Sh3.14 million, a reduction of about 34 per cent.

Likewise, he said their customers can now buy 10 GB at Sh200, 000, the amount that was initially used to buy only 5GB, adding that all Internet subscribers will continue enjoying high speed of up to 4Mbps through their TTCL fixed lines.

He said 100GB, 40 GB, and 20 GB are charged at Sh1 million, Sh450, 000 and Sh360, 000 per month respectively while 10GB, 4GB, 2GB and 1GB are now sold at Sh 200,000, Sh100,000, Sh60,000 and Sh30,000 in that order.

At the same time TTCL has brought in the market a new wireless phone with the brand name Bongo Phone for the benefit of their mobile subscribers that would give their clients advantage of a mobile phone at almost landline rates. Bongo Phone he said will be a mobile like flexibility, allowing its users to move with it freely. They can access Internet services, send SMS.

At a cost of Sh 30,000, Bongo phone users will be access to 600 minutes on-net, 50 SMS and free registration, while at Sh 60,000 monthly, phone subscribers will be able to have 900 minutes on-net, 100 SMS, 100 MB and free registration while 1,200 minutes on-net, 250 MB and free registration will be given to the TTCL client who will buy a Bongo phone at Sh 120,000.

TTCL is jointly owned by the government of the United Republic of Tanzania that controls 65 per cent of the share and Zain Tanzania with 35 per cent. It is licensed to provide landline, mobile and data base services at both individual and corporate level.

According to statistics from the Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority website, up to June 2009, TTCL had recorded a total of 278,092 subscribers. This includes 166,379 fixed line and 111,713 mobile subscribers.

The number has increased by 56,023 from the 222,069 subscribers recorded by December 2008 to 278,092. While the total number of voiced subscription stands at 15 million, the trend of voice subscription has increased by 4 per cent from the 32 per cent recorded in 2008 to 36 per cent.

Likewise, the number of voice mobile operators in the country increases from 6 to 8 with Sasa tel joining in the market, the number of ISP/Data operators has, from 62 by June 2009 from 60 (end of 2008).

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