Computer News - In Brief


- As part of Tunisia's ambitious program which aims at building 10 technopoles in several governorates to disseminate digital culture and new technologies within the next ten years, a strategic study on the creation of a technological pole in Sousse was recently finished to make the capital of the Tunisian Sahel, an international hub for new services and information technologies.

- The South African Post Office (SAPO) has committed to increasing its IT and security spending for the Post Bank as it prepares to take on the four major banks in the country. While additional funding has not been finalised, the post office says critical processes would be secured through increased spending on its IT systems.

SAPO has spent R275 million in the 2008/9 financial year on software and the upgrading of IT infrastructure. An additional R200 million was spent in the previous financial year, while spending for the 2009/10 financial year is expected to rise even more.

- The technobridge incubator of Sidi Abdallah's Cyber Park in Algeria has been inaugurated by Post and Information and Communication Technology Minister Hamid Bessalah. The technobridge will provide assistance to young researchers, doctoral students, civil servants or individual employers for the creation of their own companies, on the basis of new information and communication technologies. In an opening address at an open day about the ICT facility, Bessalah emphasized the importance of the infrastructure in promoting science and the information society, adding that the incubator will host holders of projects boosting digital economy.