Rascom Plans to offer rates comparable to fibre with Ka-band capacity


The Executive Director for the Regional African Satelite Communication Organization (RASCOM) Dr. Jones A. Killimbe informed participants at a meeting in Banjul that plans to create a Pan-African internet Connectivity Network which will achieve the Africanization of the intra African traffic among countries and reduce the huge transit cost.

He added that the RASCOM satellite is commercially operational and is the satellite providing connectivity to several countries in Africa to support the Pan-African e-network which is another continental initiative bringing together Africa through the A.U.

"We consider the RASCOM mission as a long term commitment and as such, the launching of the first satellite marks the beginning of the next one." Dr. Killimbe said.

He asserted that they are currently in the planning stage of the next satellite which will even support broad band connectivity with rates comparable to fibre within the Ka-bands.

He said, "We therefore appeal to all the RASCOM member states, the African union, signatures, policy and regulatory authorities in Africa to continue providing the necessary support to RASCOM as we continue to fulfill the mission"