First Black American University Opens ICT Centre in Abuja


One of the oldest black American private universities from the south-eastern USA - Raleigh, North Carolina, known as the Shaw University, has opened an information centre in Abuja.

The centre is to add value to the growing status of Nigeria's information technology and raise young and intelligent people who are anxious of developing themselves in the field of ICT.

Speaking to our correspondent at the weekend in Abuja, the Vice President, institutional advancement and support programmes of the university, Dr Lee Monroe, called on IT interested students to take advantage of the course to develop themselves.

On why the university is interested in Nigerian students, he said, "Shaw University is one of the oldest colleges in the south- eastern part of the United States and we have about 25,000 students, along with a beautiful campus in down town Raleigh”.

“My friend Dr. Kester, a professor of our university and his friend and associate, Michael Umeadi, an assistant professor, who are Nigerians, have come to establish information centres so that young Nigerians who are interested in going to school can go to the information centre to find out about Shaw University. We are also here to recruit students back to the United States in January, and this is the reason we are in Nigeria and we hope to achieve success with this mission".

The university, he added, is designed to handle 35 different degrees, including the bachelor degrees of four years and masters, with courses ranging from Spanish, criminal justice, computer science, and information technology. It also offers master in education, theology and other pastoral programmes.

According to Lee, the University will put in place measures that would attract Nigerian students to Shaw. "What we want to do is to have a price that the Nigerian students can pay and therefore get the education."

On instructors who will handle the teaching, he said, "We think in order to make it work; it has to be two years. We have to do training, get our valuables together and begin to access what we think the Nigerian students need or want. We want to be able to work out issues like pricing, because things are quite expensive in the United States than it is here. How do we set the right price so that we can be sure that the young people are getting the right opportunity? So, it is going to take about two years to work out all the planning and our plans have been going back and forth, in order to actualise all these."

John Kester, a professor and chairman of the university's global programme, as well as the sole representative of Shaw Information Centre, also said that before the university is finally launched in Abuja, the information centre will kick off first with the board of trustees and an Executive Chairman.

Talking about affordability, Lee added, "It will be a comprehensive and high quality first class education and Shaw University is one name that has come to make its marks in Nigeria."