Cellcom Gives Shares To Employees in Liberia

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Cellcom, one of the leading companies in the country, has offered 20 shares to each of its employee as a means of making them owner of the company. Speaking during a press conference yesterday at the headquarters of the Cellcom in Monrovia, the Chief Executive Officer of Cellcom Avishai Marziano said the offering of shares to employees indicates how much they at the level of top management value the services of every member of the Cellcom Liberia family.

"By these certificates, we hope to remind all within the employ of Cellcom -Liberia that you have in your possession evidence to show that you own a piece of the company and will share in its success," he said. He maintained that that the shares are for the employees and their assigned beneficiaries, and will continue to be theirs, adding: "even if they are no longer in the employ of the company, for reasons that are not criminal."

According to him, Cellcom will continue to promote Liberians into the actual management of Cellcom -Liberia. "We encourage our employees to aim higher and thinker bigger; we will continue to invest in the education of our employees, the transfer of knowledge from expatriates to local staff and as we now have more Liberian managers; we look forward to one day announcing the appointment of a Liberian Chief Executive Officer of the company," Marziano said.

The Citizen