Huge Media launches Goodyz Mobile Advertising in South Africa

Digital Content

Huge Media has announced the launch of its new mobile phone application, named Goodyz. Huge Media aims to enter the rapidly emerging digital media arena through Goodyz, positioning itself as a media owner on the leading edge of the digital technology curve.

The Goodyz mobile phone application is based on the “Eyeballs” mobile advertising technology, which has been developed in South Africa over several years, and was recently successfully trialled in South Africa.

Goodyz uses the “interaction-initiation” time on users’ mobile phones to display customized advertising, content and information to the user. The technology is in many respects a world first, and enjoys patent protections both in South Africa and internationally. Currently the technology solution runs on Symbian-based smartphones, across all networks, with BlackBerry compatibility next in the development queue and due for release in early 2010.

Justin Lavers, Sales and Marketing Manager for Huge Media, comments: “Cellphones are South Africa’s primary and ubiquitous form of communication, with a pervasiveness not seen in any other medium. It makes perfect sense that this will soon be the most valuable real estate in the media world, as well as possibly the most fickle – it takes a lot for a user to invite a supplier onto their personal mobile space. Goodyz, being completely opt-in, achieves this with a level of elegance diametrically opposed to existing market offerings, and we have already seen an unusually high level of product loyalty in the beta trials.”

Lavers says the technology has unique user appeal and acceptability. “Unlike current methods of mobile advertising, which generally invade your personal space and time even if opt-in, this technology is completely non-intrusive and does not require the user to change mobile phone behaviour. In fact, international research has shown that users are positively disposed during genuine phone communication time. Further, it is measurable right down to the confirmed view status of each advertisement, making our reporting to our advertisers completely accurate and transparent."

Lavers continues: “The live trial of the technology taught us many valuable lessons, and we have since been able to completely re-engineer the application and improve the user value proposition. We now provide users with what they really want - relevant information including sponsored ads, backed by engaging and entertaining content, all for free.”

On the subject of local media support, Lavers is confident: “We have had widespread and positive response from the advertising industry as a whole. The market is ready for a game-changing development, and this promises to be it. Advertisers are really keen to give the new technology a try.”

“In addition,” says Lavers, “we believe the Goodyz advertising proposition will be extremely well received, at the aggressive cpm (cost-per-thousand) rates at which we will be able to deliver, which will compete very favourably with existing, far less sophisticated or transparent digital media offerings. It is a case of newer-better-cheaper.”

Lavers concludes, “The potential in the mobile advertising arena is immense and hardly tapped. We believe that the market has been waiting for an advance such as this, which will allow proper exploitation of the tremendous opportunities in this space”.