Internet News - In Brief


- In Kenya, Jamii Telecommunications Limited has become Safaricoms broadband infrastructure provider. Jamii Telecommunications is one of Kenya's leading broadband infrastructure providers and this alliance effectively gives Safaricom access to its over 1,000 kilometres of fibre network in its cities of operation.

- Telesat, the world's fourth largest fixed satellite services operator, announced that Intersat Africa Ltd., of Nairobi, Kenya (Intersat) has signed a multi-year agreement for more than a full transponder on Telesat's new Telstar 11N satellite.

- WIOCC has announced that the first section of the EASSy submarine cable - the Maputo shore-end - has been loaded and it is now on course for Mozambique. Maputo is unique (for EASSy) in requiring a separate shore-end cable. This is where a special

ship is needed to land the cable due to shallow water. Once it arrives in Maputo, the shore-end cable will be transferred onto a barge and will be installed during August and September. There is also a ‘land cable’ - the cable that runs between the landing station and the beach man-hole - which will also be shipped out and installed soon.

- Astrium and Eutelsat Communications announced at the Paris Airshow the signature of a five-year contract for 36MHz of capacity on the new W2A satellite. Astrium Services will provide coverage for their existing and future customers across Africa.

- The Association for Progressive Communications (APC) has welcomed steps by minister of communications Siphiwe Nyanda to finalise a national broadband policy.

Speaking during his budget speech in Parliament earlier this week, Nyanda emphasised the role of broadband and said his department would finalise a national policy by March 2010.

- Telkom South Africa filed its latest tariff adjustments with ICASA which sees an overall price increase of 1.7%. The company left its monthly subscription charges for DSL, Do Broadband and TelkomInternet unchanged, but provided higher usage limits for the DSL accounts. TelkomInternet all access 2GB subscribers will get 3 GB of usage from 1 August while current 3 GB account holders will be bumped up to 5 GB of usage per month. The higher monthly usage limits are good news for many Telkom ADSL clients, but the bad news is that strict capping is back.