South Africa’s Cosatu Website gets Google Warning

Digital Content

MyBroadband recently reported that the Cosatu website needed some attention, including the removal of malicious files from the website which can harm a visitor’s computer. It also contacted Cosatu about the problem and asked for comment as to what they will do to address the problem.

Cosatu did not reply to the email from MyBroadband, and the lack of action on their part has now resulted in a Google warning to Internet users not to visit the trade union’s online home.

Internet users trying to visit the Cosatu website through a Google search link received the following message: “Warning - visiting this web site may harm your computer!”

The Google search engine advises users to “Return to the previous page and pick another result” or “Try another search to find what you're looking for”. Users are further warned that they should only continue to at their own risk.

According to Google malicious software on the Cosatu wesbite includes 6 trojans, 6 exploits and 5 scripting exploits.