Internet News - In Brief


- Zamtel has spent about US$20 million connecting provincial centres to the optic fibre network. Zamtel public relations manager Charles Kachikoti said the company had made progress on the project and that out of the total 4,000 km to be built, it had completed about 1,500 kms.

- In Namibia, the ruling Swapo Party has entered cyberspace by launching its own website. Internet users can now blog and chat online with Swapo with just a mouse click or two, party Secretary General Pendukeni Iivula-Ithana said.

- The Rwanda Development Board (RDB) will develop provincial websites for promotion of investment opportunities upcountry. The collection of information addressed with a common domain name via the Internet will be developed by the RDB IT Office. Each provinces website is expected to have provincial and district websites hyperlinked.

- Namibia’s Cabinet has approved an agreement with Telecommunications Consultants India that will connect seven universities to over 50 learning centres and will allow all African government leaders to do video-conferencing. The project will connect two universities in India and five in Africa to 53 learning centres as well as between ten specialty hospitals (three in India and seven in Africa) and 53 remote hospitals.