ICT gap drags Kenyan universities down in global ranking


Hampered by unreliable Internet access, limited funding for research and brain drain, Kenyan universities have slipped in their global rankings, new research shows. In ranking by Spanish research firm Webometrics, most local universities dropped in last month’s rankings compared to similar rating in January.

While Strathmore University remained the highest ranked university in Kenya—ranking 2795 globally and 16 in Africa—it dropped close to 400 positions from its January position of 2404. University of Nairobi which was ranked 29 in the continent dipped from 4,046 to 4467 in the same period. The other Kenyan universities featured in Africa’s top 100 are Egerton at position 54, Moi at 83, and Kenyatta at 100.

Educationists blamed the poor rankings on limited research activity in the institutions caused in part by limited funding. Low internet connectivity in the institutions is also to blame since the Webometrics ranking are based on assessing universities’ activities, academic publications, and performance online.

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