Uganda’s Kasese Maize Marketed Globally

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Kasese farmers have started marketing maize grain globally using computers. Starting this month, the farmers were directly linked to the buyers. With the Government's assistance, Nyakatonzi Growers Co-operative Union constructed a modern warehouse equipped with all the necessary gadgets to make maize grain buying global.

"We have been licensed to establish an electronic warehouse through which the maize farmers will be linked to the buyers electronically," Adam Bwambale, a union official, said recently. "Our job will be to weigh and grade the maize a farmer has brought to our warehouse and then give the farmer an electronic receipt.

Under a collateral arrangement, the banks can give cash to the owner of the electronic receipt," Bwambale explained. He said all banks in the country had been informed about the new arrangement.

Bwambale said the arrangement was expected to save the farmer from wasting their produce and enable them get stable and higher prices. Maize production in the Rwenzori region this season is expected to double due to sufficient rains. Also, groundnut farmers expect a bumper harvest.

Cultivators from several parts of Kasese, Kabarole and Bunyaruguru in Bushenyi also expect a bumper harvest of maize and groundnuts. Earlier, a programme manager with Mubuku Women Savings and Credit Co-operative Society, Constantine Kisembo, who had been tipped about the modern maize marketing method, said: "No more waste of our maize. We shall avoid these cheap buyers."

Kisembo said the society was going to buy the maize grain from individuals and take it to the co-operative union as a group in order to attract buyers who need big quantities.

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