Internet News - In Brief


- Nigeria’s mobile operator MTN has a new mobile broadband service dubbed HyConnect Wireless Internet. MTN Hy-Connect Wire-less Internet is a pre-paid high speed internet service that combines the speed and reliability of a fixed broadband internet with the convenience and flexibility of a mobile Internet service. MTN HyConnect Wireless Internet, he said, offers ultra fast download speeds of up to 1Mbps, running on MTN's WiMAX network with coverage spanning select locations in Lagos and Abuja.

- Mozambique is now linked to the Seacom Group's fibre-optic undersea cable, which will link Africa to Europe and India. The representative of Seacom-Mozambique, former Mozambican Education Minister Alcido Nguenha, told that the cost of fibre-optic transmission of data could fall by 90 per cent.

- In Nigeria, computer users are about to enjoy limitless access to the Internet as Technology Distributions Limited, TD, partners front line telecommunications company, Multilinks-Telkom. The partnership, automatically gives buyers of computers from Technology Distribution, access of to Multilink-Telcom's Internet package for up to 50 free hours.

- Internet users in Kigali City will soon be utilising fast speed mobile wireless Internet called WiBro. The Wibro project started last year and the Government has contracted Korean Telecom to install the commercial wireless mobile broadband technology.

- With the coming localisation of Bing in SA, South African Yahoo users can expect to see that localisation become part of their search experience. While Yahoo currently provides customisation, there is little in terms of localisation. Colin Erasmus, Microsoft SA's Windows client business group executive explains that Microsoft is rolling out local services on a global scale and, while he does not have a firm date for South African services, he says that as an English-speaking country, it should not be too long.

- The .ZA Domain Name Authority (DNA) is drafting new regulations that could see the shrinking of administrators for third-level domains. Uniform SA currently provides support for, Internet Solutions for and Tertiary Education Network looks after the domains. Several others manage the remaining less prominent domains under .za.