World Bank to Finance Communications Projects for up to US$31 million in Mozambique

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The Mozambican government and the World Bank on Friday signed two agreements in Maputo under which the World Bank is to provide loans of 75.6 million US dollars for projects in health and communications.

The communications agreement, for 31 million dollars, is described as a "Regional Project for Electronic Governance and Communication Infrastructures". According to Cuereneia, this project "will allow a reduction in the prices of international communications and expand the geographical reach of broad band networks to all regions of the country, thus allowing massive access to the Internet".

He added that the project "will allow the establishment of the technological infrastructures that will facilitate and reduce the cost of private investment in information and communication technologies in Mozambique".

The electronic governance component, said Cuereneia, would help modernize the public sector, and make the provision of services to citizens more efficient.

Tavares said that the money would also be used to support the licensing of a third mobile phone operator, and to establish rural "access points" for communication services.

It is part of a regional World Bank communications programme budgeted at 151 million dollars - Tanzania will be the major beneficiary with 100 million dollars, and Malawi will receive the remaining 20 million.