Telecoms News - In Brief


- The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) says it has initiated a fresh bidding round for licences in the 2.3GHz and other frequency bands. In a statement in Lagos on Monday, the commission said that the fresh bid was part of the issues resolved at its board meeting on Aug. 20, 2009 in Abuja. Full details will be announced in due course and all stakeholders are advised to look out for public announcements in this regard.

- Telkom Kenya has successfully stopped the reinstatement of some 597 employees pending the hearing and determination of a suit it has filed. The ruling follows an application by Telkom-K after the Industrial Court ordered the reinstatement of the sacked employees in April this year.

- WARID Uganda has denied that it is rebranding itself. "That is inaccurate. We are not considering any kind of rebranding," said Zul Javaid, the chief executive officer. The Dhabi Group, which owns WARID, has been discussing with Essar, another telecom group about how it could take over its African assets. Zul said since the firm opened shop last year, it had built up WARID into a leading brand.