Uganda Communication Commission bags money for rural development and thinks of increasing the levy


MTN Uganda last week passed US5.5b to the rural communications development fund. The Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) director, Patrick Masambu, confirmed that they had received the money that is part of the 1% contribution from telecom firms towards the uplifting and extending ICT to the rural areas. "Telecoms usually send this money within one year after they finish their financial year," said Masambu.

The financial year for UCC like most government agencies ends in June while for most private companies, the financial year runs up to December. It now remains for the other four licensed and operating telecom companies to remit their portions. Masambu said the total value of the annual contribution from the five licensed and operating telecoms will rise to US10 bn.

MTN public relations officer, Sheila Kangwagye, confirmed that MTN had handed in the cheque. The US5.5 bn remittance by MTN broken down means that even in a very tough year, MTN was able to make US550 bn in profits.

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