Telecoms News - In Brief


- Telkom South Africa and the Communication Workers Union (CWU) have signed a wage agreement. "In the final settlement, Telkom and CWU agreed to a 7.5 percent general salary increase and a two-year moratorium on forced retrenchments," said Telkom Group Chief Executive Reuben September.

- The Mauritius government's statistics office has reported that the number of mobile cellular subscribers went up by 11.3% to reach 1,033,300 in 2008 from 928,600 in 2007. Similarly, the number of prepaid subscribers increased by 1.3% to 969,800 in 2008 and that of mobile cellular postpaid subscribers grew by 11.0% to 63,500 in 2008. The number of fixed telephone lines was 363,400 in 2008, 0.6% higher than the 2007 figure of 361,300.