West African regulators meet in Gambia for 7th WATRA meeting


In his opening statement to the 7th annual general meeting of WATRA, the West African telecoms regulatory association Alagie Gaye, Director of the public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) said that if there is any point in the history of the world that regulatory interventions are important, that time is now, as we continue to face the challenges posed by the global financial meltdown.

He challenged all delegates have the collective responsibility to ensure that as professionals, to work in partnership to achieve the objectives of WATRA. This he said is important if they are to speed up the development of seamless communications network and in formulation and implementation sound regulatory policies and programmes across the region.

Gaye said their key task was to speed up the process of the harmonization of telecommunications regulatory policies within the sub- region, through the ECOWAS supplementary acts. He said a more action-oriented approach towards harmonization would ensure that WATRA plays a more pivotal role as a facilitator and a repository of knowledge of regulatory best practice within West Africa.

However, he acknowledged that in aligning the work of WATRA to that of ECOWAS, they must through telecommunications regulatory policies facilitate an environment that encourages competition and foster the trade of goods and services within West Africa.

Foroyaa Newspaper