EVOKE now operational! Play it!

Digital Content

In last month's NUANCE newsletter (February NUANCE), they brought to you an article about the online game, EVOKE which the World Bank was launching. “The online game was launched on Wednesday, 10 March 2010 and there has been a tremendous response from the public” says Bob Hawkins.

Since its launch, a lot of ideas have been generated in relation to the game. Among other things, the EVOKE players have started forming their own networks where people of similar interests or goals are communicating, collaborating and working together. An EVOKE Wiki has been started by players, food security kits have been proposed, some professionals such as Librarians are devoting some of their time to do research for other players and reading groups are being formed. Daily, new challenges are being initiated which players try to solve and collaborative projects have begun among players.

EVOKE is a game that is designed to empower young people all over the world and especially in Africa, to start solving urgent social problems that their communities are facing like hunger, poverty, diseases and so on. The whole article about EVOKE can be found in the February NUANCE newsletter.

Visit the game website for more details and to play the game http://www.urgentevoke.com/