Telephone Identification - Subscribers Given Period of Grace in Cameroon


Clients who have not yet identified their telephone numbers have up to July 10 to do so.

Owning a mobile telephone is a pride for many Cameroonians. Mado L. who lives in the Biyem-Assi neighbourhood has two mobile phones. She is worried as to what will become of her two mobile phones in the months ahead as she has not been able to go the telephone operators to get identified. This is the situation many Cameroonians are facing today. For the past few months Cameroonians queued in front of mobile telephone companies to get their telephone numbers identified.

The identification of persons with telephone numbers is a decision of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications to get mobile telephone owners in the country identified. Even though some people had obeyed the directive many are yet to comply. Some have identified their numbers but are still living in suspense as to whether their identification was authentic. François Donfack, who lives the Ekounou neighbourhood, has identified his telephone number but he keeps on receiving messages from the telephone company reminding him of the need to identify himself.

In order to give all Cameroonians a chance, the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, Jean-Pierre Biyiti bi Essam has signed an order reminding the public that the period of voluntary identification of the mobile telephone subscribers expired since February 28, 2010. Minister Jean-Pierre Biyiti bi Essam has thus accorded a period of grace to clients who have not yet identified their telephone numbers. The period of grace will begin as April 5, 2010. The Minister has therefore called on operators of mobile telephone companies to set up a process of notification by groups of subscribers within that given period. According to the order, all numbers which are not yet identified by July 10, 2010 will be deactivated, owing to imperatives related to cyber crime control in Cameroon.

Cameroon Tribune