Suburban Links Nigeria And Ghana on its terrestrial fibre cable network


Nigerian operator Suburban Telecom has announced a successful deployment of an extension to its existing fibre network (Nigeria to Benin) with traffic now able to go to Togo and Ghana.

A leading GSM operator with presence in multiple African countries along the route is the anchor customer on this network and is already leveraging the reach the network provides to connect its operations between Nigeria and Ghana.

This new terrestrial route offers some relief to those who had been using the SAT3 fibre for inter-country traffic and offers those who wish to avoid the functionally incompetent Nitel two landing station choices in Cotonou and Ghana. Significant parts of Nigeria’s traffic is already going to Benin Telecom’s landing station in Cotonou.

Group Chief Executive Officer of Suburban West Africa, Bruce Ayonote while breaking the news, said that "there will be a significant impact on this market due to the deployment of this network; this will not only lead to a reduction in bandwidth costs but also a further reduction in voice tariffs as well. A lot of Africa's largest mobile operators have networks in multiple West African countries and can benefit from the connection that such a network provides. Regional financial institutions and multinationals can also leverage on this same infrastructure to connect their branch networks for improved data services. This network has also connected the incumbent carriers between all the countries back to Nigerian networks for higher quality voice and data exchange."

(sources: various including Vanguard)