Public-private partnership formed to build international fibre-optic network in Angola


The Angolan government, through the state-owned telecommunications company Angola Telecom and four other private firms of the sector, formalised on Thursday the public scripture of the creation of a joint-venture dubbed “Angola Cable” to build and manage the optical fibre network.

For the conclusion of the optical fibre network, the partnership will invest USD90 million, from which Angola Telecom owns 51 percent and 49% is shared by four private companies, namely Mundo Startel, Unitel, Mercury and Movicel. The optical fibre network will permit Angola to be connected, in the field of telecommunications, to various African countries, as well as to Europe.

The Angola Cable joint-venture, with a capital estimated at USD5, will start functioning effectively in 2011.

Speaking to the press on the fringes of the agreement signing ceremony, the Angolan Telecommunications and Information Technologies minister, José de Carvalho da Rocha, said that this partnership will define the access to the optical fibre network.