Internet News - In Brief


- The Kenya Broadcasting Corporation reports that The East Africa Marine System (TEAMS) will be launched on 12 June 2009 as scheduled. Kenya’s permanent secretary of information and communications, Dr Bitange Ndemo, said, ‘From the outset we wish to set the record straight that the landing of the TEAMS cable is right on course and that the launch ceremony will be presided over by his excellency the President Mwai Kibaki.’

- In Nigeria, Information Communication Technology company, ipNX has launched the state accelerated broadband initiative (SABI) project in the ancient city of Kano state.

- O3b Networks Limited (O3b) the developer of a new fiber quality, satellite-based, global Internet backbone infrastructure announced that Intersat Africa Limited (Intersat), a leading Value Added, Satellite Capacity Reseller will resell O3b capacity across the African continent. This reseller agreement will leverage O3b’s service offering and Intersat’s market knowledge and presence to extend the reach of O3b’s low latency, high bandwidth Internet access across the African continent.

- AfriNIC-10 Public Policy Meeting which was held jointly with AfNOG proved to be a great success! One major outcome of the meeting was the approval of the Global Policy Proposal for the Allocation of IPv4 Blocks to Regional Internet Registries (RIRs). In line with the AfriNIC Policy Development Process (PDP), the policy proposal is now in the 15-day last call for comments period.

- An online quest which is underway to “crown” the Face of Nigeria on Facebook has triggered enthusiastic interest among users of the popular social networking site. The Miss Facebook Nigeria is regarded as Nigeria’s first ever online photo beauty pageant/contest that is open only to Nigerian Facebook users to enable them show how photogenic they are. That appears to be paying off as scores of photographs have so far been uploaded and the interest does not look to drop anytime soon as other users cheer the contestants along.

- Durban in South Africa has spent R6.5 million on its official 2010 Web site, which will showcase the city's Fifa World Cup developments to the country and visitors. Head of Durban's strategic projects unit, Julie-May Ellingson, says the Web site will initially serve as an information portal for residents and visitors looking for information on the city. While the price for the Web site may be high, she says it will be a “platform to showcase the city and its 2010 developments to the rest of the world” and falls within the city's budget.