Tanzania moves to lower ICT costs


The Tanzanian regulator’s Director-General Professor John Nkoma pledged during World Telecommunications and Information Society Day to cut the cost of ICT services to enable more people to use them.

“While the main goal is to provide ICT access to all, we should be cognisant of the fact that many people who are within coverage areas of ICT are still not being served because of the high costs of services,” he said. Prof. Nkoma said Tanzania has seen exponential growth in the use of ICT, especially of computers, radios, televisions and more recently mobile phones with a tele-density of over 33% (13 million simcards in a population of 40 million).

He said that Internet utilization had increased to about 5% of the population. He added that Tanzania still has challenges in reaching the underserved areas in order to ensure equitable access to ICT to all areas, and that the government is finalizing the implementation of the Universal Communications Access Fund.

The TCRA boss also noted that the proliferation of ICT in the country has a positive impact on the economy, with ICT as enabler for economic activities.

National News