Computer News - In Brief


- The Rwanda Capital Market Advisory Council (CMAC) has plans to introduce electronic trading. According to its Executive Director, Mr. Robert Mathu, this “is the only way we shall integrate with the regional markets is through an electronic trading environment.”

- One of Nigeria's foremost ICT solutions provider Resourcery Plc, has recently extended its dragnet to India, catching one of India's famous software giant, Prodapt on a business memorandum of understanding (MOU). Resourcery's MOU with Prodapt is expected to see the duo exchanging software and technological ideas capable of turning the country into a software haven in the nearest future.

- Nigeria’s ICT Distributor's, Technology Distributions, is set to launch a branch in Liberia in the second week of February 2010. Managing Director of the company, Mrs. Chioma Ekeh said that TD would take to Liberia a full compliment of the international OEM's whose partnership, over the years, have built the unassailable supporting evidence for the performance of TD.

- 2010 started on a high note at UbuntuNet Alliance as the appropriately named EthERNet, the Ethiopian Research and Education Network, was accepted as the 12th REN Participant (Member). This has come just two months after the UbuntuNet community celebrated and welcomed SomaliREN as the 11th member. The updated membership map shows that UbuntuNet Alliance covers a large land mass in eastern and southern Africa. The human network is growing and we expect to see the physical network exchanging REN traffic soon!

- Construction of Mozambique’s first Science and Technology Park is to begin in March, the country’s science and technology minister, Venancio Massingue has said, cited by the Mozambican news agency AIM.